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The LRMC is a joint venture company of the MPLRC,, AC Infra, and the MIHPL dedicated to developing, operating, and maintaining the country's light rail transit lines.

The Light Rail Manila transit is a joint project of the private sector and the LRMC.

If you ever find yourself on one of the Philippines' LRT lines, don't forget that it was made possible with the LRMC.

LRT1 takes you to Caloocan to Baclaran and 15 other stations with just one easy ticket.

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If you have any concerns about the running operations of the LRT, please head on over to their LRT Makati office.
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LRMC starts EDSA Station expansion


“LRMC aims to improve the customer experience and continue to improve the quality of people’s transport commute.” — JUAN F. ALFONSO

MANILA, Philippines, 25 June, 2019 — Light Rail Manila Corp. (LRMC), private operator of LRT Line 1, announced today that it has started expanding the EDSA Station for improved safety, comfort and convenience of passengers traversing the line’s second busiest station.

LRMC President and CEO Juan Alfonso explained, “We will widen the passenger concourse area of EDSA Station to more than 400 square meters – which is more than five times the current floor area of 70 square meters.”

EDSA Station serves more than 52,000 passengers on weekdays. Mr. Alfonso disclosed that the current concourse, or the area where people queue to purchase LRT-1 tickets, is, “inadequate for the number of riders, particularly during peak hours”.

“Queuing areas, and unpaid areas will be expanded to handle increased passenger flow,” Mr. Alfonso added. “LRMC aims to improve the customer experience and continue to improve the quality of people’s transport commute.”

The expansion is also adequate to meet current and future ridership demand at EDSA Station, according to Mr. Alfonso. “The station will only get busier once the Cavite Extension is finished, with an expected 50% increase in ridership,” he said.

LRMC has recently started the construction of the 12-kilometer LRT-1 Cavite Extension. Phase 1, covering five stations from Pasay City to Parañaque City, is expected to be completed in 2022.