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The LRMC is a joint venture company of the MPLRC,, AC Infra, and the MIHPL dedicated to developing, operating, and maintaining the country's light rail transit lines.

The Light Rail Manila transit is a joint project of the private sector and the LRMC.

If you ever find yourself on one of the Philippines' LRT lines, don't forget that it was made possible with the LRMC.

LRT1 takes you to Caloocan to Baclaran and 15 other stations with just one easy ticket.

Zip around with metro, fast and easy with LRMC's light rail transit in Manila!

If you have any concerns about the running operations of the LRT, please head on over to their LRT Makati office.
Zip around the metro fast and easy with rail lines built for the commuting public by the Light Rail Manila Corporation!

LRMC celebrates Valentine’s month with LRT-1 Love Train

Experience the different stages of love unfold inside LRT-1’s Love Train


In celebration of the season of love this February, the Light Rail Manila Corporation (LRMC) continues its Valentine’s Day tradition with the launch of its annual LRT-1 Love Train, which is now on its 4th year.

The theme for this year’s edition is Love is in the Train, with the three coaches made up to display the different stages of love.

The first train car has a sweet first date theme, coated in pastel colors displaying images of ice cream and donut desserts that budding couples often share together. The second car is themed sweet shabby chic, with floral designs—as well as the three magic words: “She said yes!”—that come with a successful marriage proposal installed in the train’s articulation area. The third car has a rustic wedding theme, which represents the intimate magic of the most important day of a couple’s life through wood, brick, and floral designs. Passengers will find some love quotes that they can relate to, printed on the windows of the train. The Love Train also showcases interactive wall activities to encourage passengers to take photos and share them online for surprise giveaways.

LRT-1 passengers joining the Love Train launch event on 12 February will enjoy some sweet treats and will be serenaded by the LRMC choir and train operators with fun, heartwarming songs.

“We hope that through this special Valentine’s month display, LRMC can make our passengers’ days extra brighter and happier this season,” LRMC President and CEO Juan F. Alfonso said.

Look out for the LRT-1 Love Train along the line starting this week!

In photos: Love Train with different designs per coach


In photos: Interactive wall activities, love quotes, and photo-worthy spots inside the Love Train


In photo: LRMC President and CEO Juan Alfonso trying out the Valentine’s themed “Tic-tac-toe”

In photo: Love Train launch guests were serenaded by LRMC’s very own train operators