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The LRMC is a joint venture company of the MPLRC,, AC Infra, and the MIHPL dedicated to developing, operating, and maintaining the country's light rail transit lines.

The Light Rail Manila transit is a joint project of the private sector and the LRMC.

If you ever find yourself on one of the Philippines' LRT lines, don't forget that it was made possible with the LRMC.

LRT1 takes you to Caloocan to Baclaran and 15 other stations with just one easy ticket.

Zip around with metro, fast and easy with LRMC's light rail transit in Manila!

If you have any concerns about the running operations of the LRT, please head on over to their LRT Makati office.
Zip around the metro fast and easy with rail lines built for the commuting public by the Light Rail Manila Corporation!

LRMC eyes LRT 1 station improvements

21 October 2015, MANILA, PHILIPPINES – In preparation for the delivery of new trains, Light Rail Manila Corporation (LRMC) today disclosed that all 20 passenger stations of the existing LRT Line 1 system will be improved to enhance accessibility, safety and security of commuters.

LRMC President and CEO Jesus P. Francisco said, “When government brings in new light rail vehicles (LRVs), we expect passenger traffic to increase; thus, the need to make sure
that the stations are ready to handle the expanded capacity.” The plan, he said, is consistent with its commitment to provide better service and giving commuters the best station environment as possible.

The Station Improvement Project will start with Doroteo Jose Station, the interchange terminal of LRT Lines 1 and 2 in Sta. Cruz, Manila. After the improvements, it is expected that stations will be well-lit and organized to allow better passenger flow.

Construction for Doroteo Jose Station is targeted to start on December 2015.

In March 2016, the two biggest stations, Central and Baclaran, and three smaller stations, R. Papa, Abad Santos, and Gil Puyat will follow. The rest of the 14 will start in May and August 2016.

“The Station Improvement Project complements our plan to enhance passenger safety, comfort and convenience and is aligned with our objective of improving the efficiency of the LRT1 system.” Francisco said.

LRT Line 1 currently accommodates a daily average of 400,000 commuters from Baclaran in Pasay City to Roosevelt in Quezon City.

LRMC took over operation and maintenance of LRT Line 1 last September 12. It will also be responsible for the construction of the 11.7-kilometer extension from the present end point at Baclaran to the Niog area in Bacoor, Cavite.

The extended rail line is expected to help increase the capacity of LRT 1 from 500,000 to 800,000 passengers daily and benefit more than four million residents in the southern part of Metro Manila and of Cavite.

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